Commitment Of Faculty & Staff

The dedicated Centerfield faculty and staff will foster a positive environment in which every child can achieve personal and academic growth.  If we expect our students to be positive, supportive, accepting and respectful to others, it is essential that we model the behavior for them. 

The Centerfield faculty and staff:

  • Will maintain a commitment to excellence.
  • Is proud of their profession and realize that they have the single most important job in the world.
  • Continually improves their instructional knowledge and skills.
  • Establishes high standards and expectations for themselves and students in relation to behavior, work habits and academic performance.
  • Positively reinforces studentís appropriate behavior.
  • Makes decisions based on what is best for each child.
  • Communicates with students and parents frequently about behavior and academic performance.
Directory of teachers, staff, and office:
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Ann Arends (5th grade)
Dianna Barnhill (Assistant Clubb)
Sylvia Bednarski (G/T)
Bonnie Brown (Director Cub Club)
Stacey Brown (1/2)
Regina Chilton (Assistant)
Nancy Cerwinske (EBD)
Michelle Clubb (k/1)
Anne Davidson (Speech)
Darlene Dawson (EBD)
Julie Delozier (Speech)
Loddy Diaz (Custodian) no e-mail
Cindy Droste (Computer Lab)
Judi Durham (Lunchroom)
Kellie Farmer (l/2)
Martin Gilkey (Assistant-Wright)
Zita Girdley (Assistant)
Dana Graham (5th)
Robin Grattan (K)
Laura Greer (3/4)
Kris Gregory (3/4)
Linda Grunow (Office)
Martha Hamilton (1/2)
Susan Harsh (l/2)
Frank Hill (Plant Operator)
Sue Holcomb (Custodian)
Kristie Jones (1/2)
Mary Klausing (SpEd)
Lisa Klukaszewski (Lunchroom) no e-mail
Cammie Krieger (K)
Lorraine Maggard (Library)
Kim Malone (Assistant-Grattan)
Cheryl Mays (STS)
Ginny McGraw (Assistant)
Connie Mefford (Assistant-Kreiger)
Mike Melloan (Counselor)
Pam Mikusi (Bookkeeper)
Diane Morgan (Principal)
Cindy Mudd (Assistant)
Pam Neuner (Assistant)
Amber Overhults (5th)
Heather Perkins (1/2)
Jenny Petaja (Library)
Lisa Peterson (3/4)
Amy Pierce (EBD)
Jeana Platt (Office)
Shallen Rich Assist. director Cub Club srich
Susan Rose (3/4)
Marcia Rowe (3/4)
Patsy Rowland (Art)
Charlene Ruble (3/4)
George Ryan (PE)
Carol Saive (SpEd)
Susan Schooler (Music)
Jodi Searcy (Lunchroom) no
Rebecca Searfoss (1/2)
Sally Shannonhouse (3/4)
Lora Shields (SpEd)
Kirk Thomas (3/4)
Karen Todd (Assistant)
Shelly Tingle (Lunchroom) no e-mail
Caren Turner (K)
Jamie Ulrich (Lunchroom) no e-mail
Lisa Wasson (Lunchroom) no e-mail
Chris Wilcox (ESS)
Kathy Williams (ESS)
Lisa Williams (Assistant-Turner)
Linda Williamson (1/2)
Tamera Wright (K)
Anna Yancey (ESS)

To contact the following people use email address for Bonnie Brown or Shallen Rich above.

Tara Aldridge
Lauren Baker
Rita Holaday
Becky Huffman
Laura Huffman
Tiffany Smith
Karen Tyring
Dottie Wisdom
Rebecca Wood

School Based Decision Making Council Members

Diane Morgan, Chairperson
Susan Harsh, teacher
Susan Rose, teacher
Lora Shields, teacher
Mike Smith, parent
Wayne Pederson, parent
Meeting Schedule

All Coorespondence to the School Based Decision Making Council Members should be made C/O

Centerfield School
4512 South Hwy. 393 
Crestwood, KY 40014 
Phone: 502.241.1772 
Fax: 502.241.5502

School Report Card
Centerfield News
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Keys to Success)
School Based Decision Making
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School Philosophy

 We believe that the basic and fundamental purpose of education shall be to provide meaningful experiences and opportunities for the development of the whole child in relation to the world in which we live.

 We believe in coordinating the instructional program for the individual needs of each child.  Understanding all students are special due to unique characteristics, we believe in fostering the desire in every child to learn and grow into a contributing citizen.

 We believe that the school will provide a safe, warm, and friendly environment  which enables each child to feel welcome and loved, and encourages each child to have a positive attitude.

 We believe that the parents, school, and community have the responsibility of preparing each child to function effectively and productively in a democratic society.  The school will provide the perpetual community involvement utilizing all available resources.


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