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Dec.  2001             Centerfield Elementary PTA Newsletter                  Vol. 18, No. 1
President’s Corner
By Kim Leese, PTA President

As I prepare for the last PTA newsletter of 2001, I am quickly reminded that it is indeed December!  It’s hard to believe, with our temperatures hovering around the 60-degree mark that the holidays are almost here! 

This time of year undoubtedly adds many more hours to our daily grind.  We are confronted with many more frustrations to our already stressed lives.  Our budgets, as well as our waistlines, feel the squeeze that the holidays bring.  As parents we should make every effort to join our escape the tensions of our lives and to feel the joy that the holidays bring.  We have much to learn from our children. Hopefully they are not encumbered with the past or worrying about the tomorrows ahead of them.  They live in the moment and they can sense the happiness that surround the holidays...may we all celebrate the miracles that are our children.  May we all feel the wonder of the holidays.  May we all just take a moment to step back, look at the joy of this time of year, through a child's eye.  It will surely warm your heart.  What better holiday present could you possibly give yourself?

In other news, your PTA has been active updating the school with some much-needed items.  At the beginning of the school year, the Centerfield Elementary School PTA awarded each teacher $200.00 to help defray the costs of school supplies and teacher out-of-pocket expenses for their classrooms.  In addition, our fundraising efforts have enabled us to provide two (2) new Hewlett Packard 750XI printers to the school.  Another big item on the teacher's wish list was the addition of a new digital camera.  We discussed this matter with Ms. Sherry Jasper, our technology expert, and purchased the model she recommended for use by all of our teachers and staff.  We have graciously assisted the Life Skills program offered at the school, by supplying funds to cover the costs incurred with the purchase of the Life Skill Hats. Your membership dollars are hard at work for our children, our teachers, and our school.  I take a snapshot of this moment.

There are other areas/programs that your PTA is involved in.  We have assisted in providing funds for the teacher's "Professional Development " program, an area of education that includes the special writing program(s) that are in use in our school.  While it is not something that is readily "tangible" it is a wonderful program that some of our teachers have participated & completed workshops in.  They are now working alongside other teachers in our school, as mentors, to share what they learned by participating in these special workshops.  Of  course, this ultimately trickles down and provides more learning experiences for our children as well!

Thanks to you, our membership, our PTA fundraisers have been a great success. We exceeded our goals in the Partners in Profit fundraiser.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Our Entertainment Book event fell short of our goal but we are so appreciative for all of the support we have received on both of these events.  A special thanks to Kelli Lorenzen who worked so diligently on making sure details for these events were taken care of!  Also, on November 30th, I was a lucky Limo Rider escort for those awesome kids who raised $200.00 or more on their Partners in Profit fundraiser!  We had almost 70 children that were awarded a limo ride and lunch at Hometown Pizza in LaGrange. The "Have Lunch with the Principal" event served as their reward for their outstanding efforts.  Thanks to all the parent volunteers who took on the challenge of sitting in a limousine escorting 10 elementary-aged kids to their lunch date!  What a blast we all had!  I wonder if Hometown Pizza has recovered yet! 

Your involvement in your child's fund raising efforts not only provide the PTA with the opportunity to assist the children, teachers and school with financial support, but provides the opportunity for your children to experience situations like the limo ride!  I wish I could share all the fun & funny comments I heard at lunch that day.  Another snapshot for the memory book.

In closing, our nation has been rocked by the events of September 11th.  We will never forget the day nor will we forget the lives that were lost.  This holiday time will be so difficult for so many families.  Keep those families close in your heart, close in your prayers.  Count your blessings, count the smiles you see on your children's faces on Christmas morning, and count yourself lucky...lucky to be here to feel the warm embraces from your children and to hear the laughter when they open their presents. Celebrate this holiday season remembering those who are fighting to keep our freedom's alive.  I am blessed to have this time with you and your children. 

Warm wishes to you and your families for a wonderful holiday season and a New Year filled with much love and laughter!  Now its time for you to create your own snapshots.  Have a Great Time!!

Welcome Ms. Platt!

The PTA would like to extend a warm & cheery welcome to Ms. Jeana Platt, our new Centerfield Elementary Office Manager!  We're thrilled to have you as part of our team.  Ms. Platt, we promise we won't test you on all the children's names at school until after the Holidays! 

The Centerfield Writing Project
By Susan Rose, 3/4 Teacher

The Centerfield Writing Project is off and running thanks to the Centerfield PTA and the hard work and dedication of the many teachers involved.  What exactly is the Centerfield Writing Project, you may be asking.  Well, what started last spring as a seed idea to help create a stronger writing program at Centerfield has blossomed into a full-blown garden of writers, filled with teachers and students. 

Laura Greer, Susan Rose, and Kirk Thomas serve as mentors to three groups of Centerfield teachers.  Mr. Thomas currently works with the 3/4 teachers and Ms. Greer and Mrs. Rose each work with a team of 1/2 teachers.  The groups meet monthly to discuss writing issues and writing strategies.  Thus far the meetings have focused on using the Writer’s Notebook in the classroom, the Reading/Writing connection, writing strategies authors use to meet the needs of their readers, idea development, open response questions and writing to learn activities in different subject areas.  In addition to planning and leading the discussion at each meeting, the mentors also model lessons, observe writing instruction, and provide feedback.

Through this program the teachers strive to develop consistent instruction from the primary level through the intermediate level to develop thinkers and writers who focus on a purpose in their writing, develop their ideas and effectively communicate their knowledge in all academic areas.

Teachers guiding and learning from other teachers has proven to be one of the most effective kinds of professional development and the Centerfield Writing Project has embraced that belief.  It is the hope of the Centerfield teachers that this program will be expanded next year to include Kindergarten and fifth grade teachers as well.

Thank You
By Missy Smith, Volunteer Chairperson

Thanks so much to all the room parents and volunteers for helping out with the social.  It sure makes my job easier to have such great support.  Also thanks to Melinda for always doing such a great job with the socials.  You all are awesome!!!

I would like to wish all of Centerfield’s Wonderful Volunteers a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!  We simply could not have such a wonderful school community without you.

Reflections 2001-2002 Contest
By Gina Bliss, Reflections

Dear Parents,

I'm passing on a little more information regarding our Reflections Contest for those children who are participating.  Remember the deadline is Wednesday, December 12th, so please have your children get busy! 

"I hold in my hand......" is this year's theme. Please make sure that your child's entry reflects this theme either in the title, or on the piece.  Please adhere to the rules closely, because there are specific things that must be done for each individual category (i.e., size of piece, special matting and shrink-wrapping, etc.)  If the piece is handed in without all criteria being met, we will send it home to be corrected.  Please fill out and complete the Official Entry Form in its entirety, and follow the guideline for the category as far as attaching it to the piece.  Student's who cannot fill it out or write legibly may have their parents fill it out for them, and sign their child's name.  All entries should be turned in to the Art class and put in appropriate box.  If it is not filled out correctly, then it, too, will have to go back to the parent.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me, Gina Bliss, @ 241-7741.  Thank-you, and I wish all the children the best of luck! 


Condensed PTA Meeting Minutes 
October 15, 2001
By Pam Sherry, Secretary

·Kim Leese to look into new PTA mail system. Mail not being picked up frequently enough. Pam Sherry to get email addresses for all board members and chairpersons for phone list.

  • Membership-Current membership up to 340. Ideas discussed on ways to involve teachers more. Lambert Franklin to do teacher survey.
  • Brainstorming meeting set for November 6th.
  • Smoking Policy-Discussion on making all PTA events non-smoking after complaints at Fall Festival.
  • General Meeting with Trick or Treat set for October 25th.
  • Red Ribbon Week coming up. Mike Melloan has activities planned and will notify PTA if help needed.
  • Allocation Monies-Lambert Franklin working on getting digital cameras. Writing Project monies possibly needed now rather than end of year. Diane Morgan to check.
  • PTA safe-Discussion on purchasing safe for all PTA monies brought to school.
  • Standing Rules to be updated soon.

Condensed PTA Meeting Minutes
November 2, 2001
By Pam Sherry, Secretary

  • New PTA mailbox system in place for PTA and teachers.
  • Preschool/Computer Lab-Diane Morgan explained need to move computer lab for more preschool space. Reference room to become computer lab and reference room.  Move to take place just before Thanksgiving. Preschool to leave Centerfield next year and will get space back.
  • Fall Festival brought in more income but also had more expenses. Will probably break even or lose small amount.
  • Writing Project has started with 3/4 teachers. Diane Morgan to update parents on project.
  • Allocation Monies-Ms Schooler still working on getting computer and keyboard for music room. Teachers report new printers needed more than digital cameras.  Motion approved to purchase one camera and 2-3 printers with monies allocated for cameras.
  • Yearbook-Sharon Faine requested everyone to send her pictures to be used. Books will sell for $10 again. Last year we lost $500 on yearbooks giving one to each teacher. Lambert Franklin to solicit sponsors to help offset the cost of providing yearbooks to teachers.
  • Programs-Ruth Wright discussed ideas for other General Meetings: Reflections and Rising Star recognition, bedtime stories, internet safety, 4-H gardening with children.
  • Fundraising-Kelli Lorenzen reported items to be in next week. About 120 kids sold enough to earn limo ride with Ms Morgan to lunch. Grand total sold around $37,000 with PTA getting 50%. Entertainment Book orders coming in.
  • Teacher Appreciation-Kelli Lorenzen offered to organize a Christmas Luncheon for teachers.
  • Lifeskills Hats-Motion passed to cover $1800 cost of hats from next year's allocation.
  • Cabin-Needs resealing and Mr Bednarski willing to do for $250 including materials. Motion passed to pay for this sealing from monies not used at this year's convention.
  • Rising Star-Carol Saive offered to take this position.

Library Volunteers
By Penny Berry, Library Volunteer Coordinator

Thank you to all who have helped with the Library Book fairs!  Our book fairs are a success because of each and every volunteer!  From setup to take down, your time vested to help out means so much.  Thank you also to each volunteer that helps Sherry and Lorraine in the library.  Your dedication each week means a lot and does not go unrecognized.  My sincere thank you to each one of you! 

Thank you for volunteering your valuable time! 

PTA Positions


  • Community Council School Representative 
  • Public Relations Chairperson 

For more information or to throw your name into the ring, please feel free to contact Kim Leese at, or 225-0406.


Directory Update
By Tiffany Andersen and Sherrie Kemper

Please note that Centerfield’s phone number in the inside of the directory is incorrect!!  The correct number is 241-1772. 

We have sent home school directories and hope that everyone who ordered one has received their copy!  If you have changed your mind and would like to buy one, they will be available at the school bookstore for $1.  Thanks! 

Attention: Please be aware that all PTA related socials, events, or anything that takes place on the grounds of Centerfield Elementary, are strictly NONSMOKING?!?! Thank you for your cooperation.

Yearbook Advertising
By Lambert Franklin, 1st Vice President

Attention Parents:  There will be an opportunity for businesses to assist us with offsetting the cost of producing our Yearbook later this year by "advertising" in the book.  A letter with more information and costs will be coming very soon so be watching for the information.  If you have any questions in the meantime, you can contact me, Lambert Franklin, 243.0309 or email

Many Words of Thanks

Dear Kim Leese and the Board of the Centerfield PTA, 

Thank you so much for the sweet card and the good-bye gift certificate from Outback.  That was very generous and thoughtful of you.  I've loved working with you these past six years.  You're the best!  I wish you continued success as you make a difference in the precious lives of the little Centerfield wildcats! 

God Bless You!
Brenda Bloom

The PTA is also in receipt of a special thank you card from teacher, Laura Greer.  She thanks the PTA for receiving an Entertainment Book...and writes that it "is a wonderful gesture of appreciation.  I know many people get much use out of them".  Yes, we do appreciate everything our teachers do for our school.  Enjoy your books!

A special Big Fat PTA Thank You to Ms. Marilyn White, who, with the assistance of Home Depot, spearheaded an effort to provide new landscaping to some of the bare areas around our school property.  Her initiative is wonderful and we salute her efforts!  Now, who is in charge of watering the new-planted shrubs over the winter break? J

Yearbook News ! ! !
By Sharon Faine, Yearbook

If anyone has taken pictures this year & would like to donate them for the yearbook, please send them into school.  This will give your child a better chance at having their picture in the yearbook.
Please either send your doubles or pictures that you don't need back, it is difficult to sort & return them.

I love to collect special sayings and poetry...
here is one of my favorites: 

"Be a torch
or be a spark.
Be a candle
in the dark.
Be a sunbeam or a star.
Be the shining light you are."

Happy Holidays Friends!
Kim Leese

Correction:  Please note Missy Smith’s (Teacher & Volunteer Appreciation Chairperson) e-mail address is

A Gift to Your Child 

" Your child will not remember your wealth or fame, as it would not be for them to gain. 
Your child will not appreciate your achievement, big or small, for they have their own little war.
 It is your daily actions, they will learn, which will be their weapon in life's unpredictable turns.
 May the result good or not, it hedges on 
your daily thought.
 What have you taught your child today?"

May your children receive a precious gift 
from you every day of the year! 


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Boxtops Collection 
By Suzie Scharroo, Promotions

Congratulations to Ms. Greer and her 3-4 class for collecting over 400 Boxtops for the month of September.  They received as a class a free movie rental from Movie Warehouse and popcorn to enjoy while watching their movie.  Keep up the good work and good luck to all the classes in October.  You never know, your class might win but only if you keep sending in your Boxtops.
**Reminder:  Boxtops do carry an expiration date and cannot be used if expired.

Best Wishes
On a sad, but happy note, we want to wish Ms. Brenda Bloom continued success as she branches out into a new venture.  Her kindness & dedication to all at Centerfield will be will the way she could brighten the darkest room with her smile.  Aren't we all so thankful to have been able to keep her this long?!  Best Wishes Ms. Bloom...we're happy for you and we look forward to our path's crossing again in the future.

With Much Appreciation,
The Centerfield Elementary PTA

Newsletter Deadline
By Amy Robison,Newsletter

Articles for the next newsletter are due no later then Dec. 5th.  You can e-mail them to place them in the PTA Newsletter mailbox.

PTA Positions
OPEN PTA POSITIONS: (As of 11/11/01)
·Public Relations(Teacher)
·Community Council School Representative

·Gina Bliss - Reflections Program Chair
·Carol Saive – Exceptional Child & The Rising Stars Program
·Kim Tew – Bulletin Board


Nov. 13:  CATS Reward Luncheon, 11:30
Nov. 15:  Community Council Meeting Board of Education, 9:30
Nov. 19:  Market Day Pickup
Nov. 19:  PTA Meeting, 1:00pm
Nov. 19:  Oldham County Board of Education Mtg. Camden Station, 6:00pm
Nov. 20:  SBDM Council Meeting, 4pm
Nov. 21:  No School
Nov. 22:  No School, Thanksgiving
Nov. 23:  No School
Nov. 26:  5th Grade Transition Forum LaGrange Elementary, 7:00pm
Dec.   7:  Popcorn Day
Dec.   8:  Christmas Social, 9am-Noon
Dec. 12: Wednesday,Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, sponsored by the PTA,11:30am -12:30pm. 
Dec. 13:  Dough Raising Night




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