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Nov.  2001             Centerfield Elementary PTA Newsletter                  Vol. 18, No. 1
President’s Corner
By Kim Leese, PTA President

On October 25th, it was announced that I would be serving as the new PTA President for Centerfield Elementary.  I accepted this position with much excitement and anticipation for all of the wonderful things that this PTA and its membership could accomplish together.  I graduated from the University of New Hampshire (MANY years ago!) with a degree, and state certification, in preschool education.  As it happens, I fell into working in the hotel industry, by accident, and pursued the industry for 8 years.  Once Marissa (9) was born I was fortunate enough to be able to stay home with her...and 4 years later, Evan came into our lives.  My husband, Mark, and I moved here to Crestwood 5 years ago from Nashville, TN.  Mark's job now is in Indiana, approximately 40 miles, one way, from here.  We selected this area as the place for us to reside specifically because of the fine quality of the school system here in Oldham County. 

We have both enjoyed and appreciated the education we have received for our children here at Centerfield Elementary.  A blessing to us was the involvement our son Evan, had with the Oldham County Preschool, that is currently located under the Centerfield Elementary roof!  We felt so fortunate that both of our children were receiving such quality educations at this school.

Fast forward a few years and here we are today.  Oldham County is changing and growing so fast.  Our school system is feeling the pinch in being able to accommodate all of this growth.  Please know that your PTA is following this situation and is dedicated to keeping you informed on all of the issues that relate to your children. 

Allow me now to thank all of you who have shown your support for my efforts thus far.  I find myself surrounded by such incredible teachers, so many wonderful parents & most importantly, so many simply awesome kids!  I pay tribute to all of our Centerfield Parents, Teachers and Staff.  In this day and age, when life is so hectic, crazy and unpredictable, please know that your PTA will do everything possible to do the "right thing"...and to always be mindful of what is best for our children. 

I invite you to contact me if you should have any questions, comments or concerns.  We are on this journey together.  I can be reached at home, 225-0406 or by email,  Thank you for allowing me to have this time with you and your children.  I promise that my comments in next month's newsletter will be much shorter!! 

In closing, don't forget to take some extra time this Thanksgiving to count your blessings...the hug from your child, the teachers that work so hard for your children & the staff that keeps our school a safe, clean and wonderful place for our children to learn.  I know that I am thankful for this opportunity and the special relationships I will make along the way.

Looking forward to having a great PTA year with all of you!

Condensed PTA Board Meeting Minutes
September 17, 2001
By Pam Sherry, Secretary
  • Membership up to 265 members. More letters to go out inviting parents to join and membership is now available via our website. 
  • Christmas Social to be Breakfast with Santa on December 8th from 9am-noon. Still urgent need for Christmas Social Chairperson. Other positions still open:  Bulletin Board, Reflections, Rising Star, and Public Relations. 
  • Kentucky Kids Day- Will have cookies for kids 9-21.
  • Handprint sidewalk project suggested by Diane Morgan to be done following week.  Missy Smith to get volunteers. 
  • Discussed ideas for programs at General PTA Meetings. First meeting to be October 25th with Trick or Treat. Possible internet safety program for parents at next meeting. 
  • Discussed replacement for skating parties. YMCA unable to do pool parties. Will look into Oldham 8 Movie Nights. 
  • Discussion on financial procedures. Will purchase safe or lockbox for all PTA monies to go at school. Two people must count all PTA monies. Checks payable to vendors, not individuals whenever possible. 
  • Life Skills assembly hats discussed. No request for this during allocation. PTA will consider paying for if fundraiser is successful. 

Thank You
By Melinda Dennis, 4th VP (Ways and Means)

Hello Everyone!
I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to all those who helped make the Fall Festival a success.  A Big Thank You, to:
Debbie Wise, Linda Gruno, Terry Griffin, Kim Johnson, Mary Frolic, Paul Wells, Shari Kaylin, Jeff Smith, John & Betty Sowards, Jon & Sylvia Bednarski, Tom Barry, Mr. Hunt, Mr. Malone, Sue & Loddie and The PTA Board Members.  Without these AMAZING volunteers, we would not be able to have events such as this.  It is now time to start planning the Holiday Special, which is scheduled for Saturday, December 8, from 9am-Noon.  Anyone interested in helping, please give me a call at 222-4571.
Thanks Again!

Yearbook News ! ! !
By Sharon Faine, Yearbook
If anyone has taken pictures this year & would like to donate them for the yearbook, please send them into school.  This will give your child a better chance at having their picture in the yearbook.
Please either send your doubles or pictures that you don't need back, it is difficult to sort & return them.


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Boxtops Collection 
By Suzie Scharroo, Promotions

Congratulations to Ms. Greer and her 3-4 class for collecting over 400 Boxtops for the month of September.  They received as a class a free movie rental from Movie Warehouse and popcorn to enjoy while watching their movie.  Keep up the good work and good luck to all the classes in October.  You never know, your class might win but only if you keep sending in your Boxtops.
**Reminder:  Boxtops do carry an expiration date and cannot be used if expired.

Best Wishes
On a sad, but happy note, we want to wish Ms. Brenda Bloom continued success as she branches out into a new venture.  Her kindness & dedication to all at Centerfield will be will the way she could brighten the darkest room with her smile.  Aren't we all so thankful to have been able to keep her this long?!  Best Wishes Ms. Bloom...we're happy for you and we look forward to our path's crossing again in the future.

With Much Appreciation,
The Centerfield Elementary PTA

Newsletter Deadline
By Amy Robison,Newsletter

Articles for the next newsletter are due no later then Dec. 5th.  You can e-mail them to place them in the PTA Newsletter mailbox.

PTA Positions
OPEN PTA POSITIONS: (As of 11/11/01)
·Public Relations(Teacher)
·Community Council School Representative

·Gina Bliss - Reflections Program Chair
·Carol Saive – Exceptional Child & The Rising Stars Program
·Kim Tew – Bulletin Board


Nov. 13:  CATS Reward Luncheon, 11:30
Nov. 15:  Community Council Meeting Board of Education, 9:30
Nov. 19:  Market Day Pickup
Nov. 19:  PTA Meeting, 1:00pm
Nov. 19:  Oldham County Board of Education Mtg. Camden Station, 6:00pm
Nov. 20:  SBDM Council Meeting, 4pm
Nov. 21:  No School
Nov. 22:  No School, Thanksgiving
Nov. 23:  No School
Nov. 26:  5th Grade Transition Forum LaGrange Elementary, 7:00pm
Dec.   7:  Popcorn Day
Dec.   8:  Christmas Social, 9am-Noon
Dec. 12: Wednesday,Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, sponsored by the PTA,11:30am -12:30pm. 
Dec. 13:  Dough Raising Night




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