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Jan.  2002             Centerfield Elementary PTA Newsletter                  Vol. 18, No. 3
President’s Corner
By Kimberly Leese, PTA President

Happy New Year!  I hope that you all enjoyed a fun and relaxing holiday break.  Is it ever really relaxing?  (I know, I know, but it is always FUN!)  :)

The 2001 school year started with many new faces and new situations.  We have all worked together to adjust to the natural changes with everyone's common goal being to make Centerfield Elementary the best it can be for our children.  We start this new year with more new faces, new children and additions to the staff.  While there are always challenges with so many changes occurring at one time, we are all eager to solidify relationships and build on the strong foundation that currently exists between the PTA, the teachers/staff/faculty and you, our wonderful parents. 

We truly are fortunate to be surrounded by such incredible teachers/staff and simply great kids!  A team spirit really does exist at Centerfield and I'm excited to travel down this road with all of you and all of your support!  This semester, your PTA will bring more news, information & fun your way. Our calendar is filling up with many exciting activities over the next few months.

Please mark your calendars for TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH at 7:00PM. .  The Centerfield Elementary PTA has scheduled a General Meeting to begin at 7:00pm.(Update click star for details )  This event will also include an awards presentation for the "Rising Star" recipients by Ms. Carol Saive, Chairperson.  Ms. Gina Bliss will then present information on our "Reflections Program".  This year the theme for the Reflections program was, "I Hold In My Hand..."  This meeting will also include the famous "Bedtime Stories" time where our children will be greeted by PJ wearing teachers & staff and read to while the adults are in the gymnasium.  Please let your children know that there will also be cookies and milk served and they are invited to join the teachers wearing their PJ's too!  Don't forget to wear your slippers and bring your favorite stuffed animal!

One very important detail I would like to mention is that the nomination and election of the "2002 Nominating Committee" will take place this evening.  In addition, we will be discussing the election procedures for the Site Based Decision Making council Parent Representative position.  If you are interested in becoming more involved in our PTA, these positions will provide you with this opportunity.  I would like to express that it is okay if you have reservations or are unsure.  Please take the time to come to this meeting and learn more about these important positions.  Believe me...when I took over the position of PTA President, I wasn't sure what to expect either...but it is a tremendously rewarding thing to be involved with all of our children and in the process of their education and development!  Dust off any of your negative thoughts and give it a try!  I promise you will love it!

Your PTA would like to also thank you for your continued support of the school Box Top program, the Campbell's Soup Label program, Dough Raising Nights, Market Day sales and Centerfield Popcorn Days.  Your participation in these programs provides your PTA with more opportunities to provide our children with more positive school and learning experiences!

Remember this:  The PTA is an organization that speaks and acts on behalf of all children.  We are an organization that honors parents and works to empower them.  We are an organization that links to the family in support of quality of family life.  Our interaction with and support of teachers is critical to our success.  But the heart of our organization is you, our parents; the soul is our children.

Here's to having a very Happy, Healthy and Successful 2002!  You are all part of the success that we have shared in the past and are undoubtedly a part of the success for our future.

In a nutshell...YOU ROCK!


Let your Valentines know how you feel!  Valentine greetings for the February 2002 Newsletter will be due no later than, Wednesday, February 6th.  Send your personal valentine greeting to school and address your envelope to:  "PTA NEWSLETTER".  The teachers will be sure to distribute the greetings to our PTA mailbox.  With your greeting, please include your name, telephone number and payment.  Checks may be made payable to:  Centerfield Elementary PTA.  The costs of the personals are:
                      3 lines.....…....$1.00
                      4-6 lines..........$2.00
Note:  There are 42 spaces per line.

By Sharon Faine, Yearbook

Those of you who have pictures for the yearbook, please have them in the office by Jan. 18th. 
Membership Holding Steady
By Tim Menser, Membership
The PTA Membership continues to grow thanks to your interest and efforts.  We still have hopes of adding several more members this year.  If you have forgotten to pay your membership dues, it's still not too late.  Remember, it's a bargain at only $2.50 per person for the '01-'02 school year.  Just send it in to your child's teacher and it will be forwarded to me.  Ask your child's teacher if he or she has joined.  Teachers, remind parents how important their involvement is for our school to continue to be successful.  Thanks for all your help so far this year
and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Fundraising Update
By Kelli Lorenzen, Fundraising

Once again the parents of our Centerfield Students overwhelmed us with their great support of our 2 fall fundraisers, collectively we raised about $23,000!  As always this money goes directly back to the school in the form of playground equipment, computers, supplies, etc.  The good news is that our fundraising efforts for the school year are complete. No more fundraising this spring!!!  The PTA put together the fundraising programs at the end of each school year to be approved by the Board of Education for the next year.  This process will begin in May of this year.  If any parent has a fundraising idea for next year or would like to be involved in fundraising for the 2002-2003 school year please contact any PTA board member.  Again thank you for your unbelievable support of our kids!!!

2001 – 2002 Centerfield Elementary
 Intramural Basketball Schedule

Wed.  Jan. 16  Cardinals-Hawks
Thurs.  Jan. 17  Wildcats-Colonels
Wed.   Jan. 23  Colonels-Wolverines
Thurs.  Jan. 24  Hawks-Bruins
Wed.   Jan. 30  Bruins-Cardinals
Thurs.  Jan. 31  Wildcats-Wolverines
Wed.   Feb.  6  Cardinals-Colonels
Thurs.  Feb.  7  Wolverines-Hawks
Fri.  Feb.  8  Bruins-Wildcats
Wed.  Feb. 13 Cardinals-Wolverines
Thurs.  Feb. 14 Hawks-Colonels 
Tip off time for the games are 3:00 p.m. and will end a little before 4:00p.m.  We hope to see you there.

Yearbook Sponsors
By Lambert Franklin, 1st VP PTA

Our PTA would like to provide you an opportunity to assist us in offsetting the production cost of our upcoming 2001-2002 Yearbook.  In addition, we can provide you the opportunity to advertise your company to over 500 families who will receive this Yearbook.  This is the first time that we have offered this opportunity to you and we hope you can take advantage of one of the advertisements.  The first option is 3.25” X 4.5” and will cost $250.  There are only FOUR of these spaces left.  The second option is 2” X 3.25” and will cost $75.  If you are interested, please call Lambert Franklin, 1st Vice President PTA, at 243.0309 or email at Thanks In Advance For Your Support!
Remember to bookmark the page now so you can keep up with PTA and school events

Boxtops For Education Contest Totals
(October Through December)
By Susie Scharroo, Boxtops for Education Coordinator

Congratulations to Mrs. Brown’s class for collecting over 350 boxtops for the months of October and December.  Also, congratulations to Mrs. Hamilton’s class for collecting over 130 boxtops for the month of November.  Both of these classes received a free movie pass from Movie Warehouse and popcorn to enjoy with their movie as a class. 
Since the boxtops contest is half through its cycle; Mrs. Brown’s class has also won a pizza party from Papa John’s Pizza for collecting over 700 boxtops since September.  Great job!  Keep up the awesome work. 
Now don’t fret because we still have 3 months left in the contest and another pizza party to give away, so please keep sending in those boxtops.  So far we have collected over 4500 boxtops which is about half to our school goal of 10,000.  Keep cutting out those boxtops and sending them in to your classroom.  Who knows, the next class that wins might be yours?

The PTA would like to congratulate Ms. Laura Greer, Ms. Susan Rose, Ms. Carol Saive & Ms. Lora Shields!  These exceptional teachers have recently been awarded with "National Board Certification"!!!!  We are so proud of you and recognize this great achievement!

Volunteering is Wonderful
By Missy Smith, Volunteer Chairperson

Happy New Year to all. There are a lot of things coming up, so count on lots of phone calls from, well you know who. We have pictures coming up and just around the corner is the spring social that should be great. I would like to thank Kelli Lorenzen for organizing and putting on the Christmas luncheon for the staff, she's awesome!! Way to go "sister". So welcome back and let's get to work.

We received the following note from Ms. Jasper:

Dear PTA, 
The entire staff at Centerfield would like to most heartedly thank you all for your generous donation of the new Sony digital camera and two new wonderful printers.  The teachers use the camera on a daily basis.  It is always checked out and circulating around the building.  They love the easy function of the camera and the convenience of printing their pictures on any computer -- it doesn't require special software!  The new printers/scanners/copiers are awesome! 
We truly appreciate everything you do for us!

Sherry Jasper

By Gina Bliss, Reflections Chairperson

Thanks to all of the students who participated in this year's Reflection Contest.  The judging was done over the Christmas break, and we will announce the students' names who participated, and also those whose entries went on to the District judging at the next assembly on February 1, 2002.  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and may you all have a great new year.

Who is the PTA?
We are an organization that speaks and acts on behalf of all children. 
We are an organization that honors parents and works to empower them. 
We are an organization that links to the family in support of quality of family life. 
Our interaction with and support of teachers is critical to our success. 

The heart of our organization is parents; the soul is children.

We are adults concerned about the needs, welfare, and safety of children.

We are students in middle, junior high, and high school.

We are an organization that builds coalitions, relationships, and friendships.

We are an organization of passionate volunteers.

We give the gift of self in service and model commitment, involvement, and action for others.

We are convinced that knowledge is power: knowledge to prepare our children to inherit our future world and its problems; knowledge of how the system works; knowledge of how funding and priorities are set; knowledge of how decisions are made; and knowledge of how to influence and to make a difference.

We are willing to share our knowledge.

We are motivated when increased numbers of parents get involved, and when we see a new idea implemented that expands and enriches opportunities for others.

We are convinced one person can truly make a difference.

We are moved and mobilized by the joy we experience in working with and on behalf of children and youth.
We are catalysts for change.

We are committed supporters of public education and equal access for all.

We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that reaches to build a broad based community involvement on behalf of children and youth.

Our individual and collective voices do make a difference.

Our efforts on behalf of children and youth impact the future of our society and our world.

Positive Thinking for Kids
By Elizabeth Pantley

During their growth and development, children go through many stages of self-doubt. They are always comparing themselves to others, and they often see themselves as coming up short. As parents, we can offset this natural tendency in our children by giving them the skills to think more positively. It is important that you really listen to your children, and help them overcome their negative thoughts and beliefs. This is, of course, easier to do if you practice positive thinking yourself.

Our world is so full of negative feedback. We need to arm our children with a positive attitude, so that they can stay focused in the right direction. Let's look at some typical negative statements from children, along with some positive responses from their wise parents:

I can't do it.
Take your time and try again. I have confidence in you.

Heather hates me.
Sounds like you're feeling rejected by Heather, and that must hurt. I know you want Heather to like you. Remember that you're a very lovable kid and a terrific person, no matter what Heather, or anyone else, says or does. And, you know, she may have a problem that has nothing to do with you.

I'm just no good in history.
You've brought up Cs before-I know you can do it again. Besides that, honey, nobody is good at everything. And look at this A in math, you've always done well with numbers!

I'm so clumsy. I'll never learn to rollerblade!
It's tough learning something new. Remember when you first tried to ski, how hard it was? But you stuck with it, and now you're really good at skiing.

There is real value in discussing positive thinking and self-esteem with your children on a regular basis. Sadly, these subjects are not yet included in the school curriculum. There are good books written for children, as well as adults, which demonstrate the use of positive thinking. Reading a book together is a good launching pad for starting a conversation. Pointing out positive versus negative attitudes from news stories or life stories is an excellent way of showing your children just how this all works in real life, too

A great web site for finding lots of wonderful positive messages is: .

Modeling a positive attitude is one of the most effective ways of teaching your children. Children learn what they live. So start presenting your thoughts in a positive way, Oh well, I burned the dinner-guess that means we get to eat cereal for dinner!

Parents always hope that their children will have a positive outlook on life, but most often how this happens is left to chance. When you take this matter into your hands, and look for ways to guide your children's thoughts in a positive direction, you will see very exciting results.

Kid Cooperation: How to Stop Yelling, Nagging & Pleading and Get Kids to Cooperate 

By Elizabeth Pantley, William Sears 

Excerpted with permission by .New Harbinger Publications, Inc..  from Kid Cooperation, How to Stop Yelling, Nagging and Pleading and Get Kids to Cooperate by.Elizabeth Pantley. (copyright 1996) 

About the Author 

Parenting educator, Elizabeth Pantley, is the president of Better Beginnings, Inc., a family resource and education company. She is a regular radio show guest and often quoted as a parenting expert in magazines such as Parents, Parenting, Working Mother, Woman's Day, Good Housekeeping and Redbook.
She publishes a newsletter, Parent Tips, that is distributed in schools nationwide, and is the author of Kid Cooperation: How to Stop Yelling, Nagging and Pleading and Get Kids to Cooperate 

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