PTA  2001/2002

Position Name Phone Email
President Kimberly Leese 225-0406 
1st Vice President Lambert Franklin 243-0309
2nd Vice President/Programs Ruth Wright  243-3370 
3rd Vice President/Membership Tim Menser  222-8084
4th Vice President/Ways & Means Melinda Dennis  222-4571
5th Vice President/Fundraising Kelli Lorenzen  222-2448 
Secretary Pam Sherry  243-2313 
Treasurer Debbie Jennings  241-3897 
Administrative Diane Morgan  241-1772
Bulletin Board Kim Tew 222-5890 
Community Council  Diane Morgan 241-1772 
Kim Leese  225-0406 
Cultural Arts Cheryl Wimsatt  222-9211
Reflection Gina Bliss  241-7741 
Directory Sherrie Kemper  243-0050
Tiffany Andersen  241-9820 
Drug & Alcohol/Red Ribbon Week Mike Melloan  241-1772 
Exceptional Child/Rising Stars Carol Saive  241-1772 
Health & Safety Missy Smith  241-4866
Library Penny Berry  241-0649
Market Day Janice Gulley  225-0386 
Lisa Wasson  243-1234
Newsletter Amy Robison  222-4556 
Popcorn Linda Doud  225-0439
Promotions Suzie Scharroo   243-9641 
SBDM Mike Smith  222-4126 
SBDM Randy Sirko  222-4100
Yearbook Sharon Faine
School Socials:
Fall/Winter Melinda Dennis  222-4571
Spring Daisy Carroll   225-4408
Teacher & Volunteer Appreciation
Missy Smith  241-4866 


School Report Card
Centerfield News
(Including Wildcats Cub Club and
Keys to Success)
School Based Decision Making



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