Centerfield Elementary educates the whole student by providing a risk-free environment in which children have the opportunity to explore, experience, communicate and become life-long learners.

Centerfield Elementary is committed to developing life-long intellectual independence for our students. One of our main goals is to assist students in developing skills to be life-long learners. We provide a comprehensive curriculum derived from Oldham County’s Exit Standards, Kentucky’s Core Content and The Kentucky Program of Studies.

Teachers strive to address the needs and concerns of students in classroom environments that are positive, respectful and trusting. The dynamic relationship among teachers, student, curriculum and environment creates a program in which teacher and student journey together in a meaningful quest for knowledge.

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Attention: If you are involved with leadership in any of the programs, communications is key for the health and vitality of your program. The level of activity seen from the program pages on this site are also a good measure to the status and usefulness, as well as the interest taken in each program offered. Please share the information you have on the current program including schedules, practices, planned activities, etc. It is a great place to communicate with your students, players, squad and a great way to share it all with the rest of  the school!
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