Press Release:
Centerfield News Team Shadows at WAVE-3 TV

Fourth and fifth grade students at Centerfield Elementary recently shadowed members of the morning news production team of WAVE-3 @ Sunrise Production team members of WCES News, a daily, live news broadcast, and their sponsor, Cindy Droste, were able to gain valuable insights related to directing, scripting and anchoring.  The key word of the day was "flexibility." Members of the news team were able to interview Oldham County native, Carrie Harned, Chris Parente and Tom Wills, to find out answers to specific questions.  "What time do you get up each morning," was a burning question. According to Carrie Harned, "I get up at approximately 2:20 AM." Members of the WCES News Team got a real-world experience including getting up early themselves.  Students met at the school at approximately 4:45 AM in order to appear on the Louisville morning show at 6:30 AM. 


Pictured:  Carrie Harned, WAVE-3 @ Sunrise Co-Anchor and Oldham County Native, as Elizabeth Dale, a 5th Grader in Mrs. Beasley's Class observes the on-air action!


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