Press Release:
2002 Kentucky State Chess Championships

According to the team newsletter, the Centerfield Elementary Chess Team was represented by Ben Amos, Jared Jeseo, Brandon Kulengowski, Brad Nakamura, and Jennifer Stephenson, who all played in the State Elementary Alternate Tournament.  Earning individual trophies were:

  • Brandon Kulengowski - one of five Co-Champions with a perfect score
  • Brad Nakamura - 6th place Overall
  • Jared Jeseo - 6th place U-800

Aaron Renner
The Centerfield Primary Chess Team was represented by Nathan Burkhead, Cameron Cannon, Zachary Faulk, Nicholas Humphrey, Anthony Johnson, Austin Kulengowski, Michael Marshall, Christopher McKenna, Ryan McKenna, Zachary Menser, Kevin Montgomery, Sanny Omar, Jonathan Poteet, and Aaron Renner. The Primary Team earned a big trophy for finishing in second place in the State tournament.  

Earning individual trophies were:

  • Sanny Omar - one of three co-champions with a perfect score
  • Michael Marshall - 15th place Overall
  • Nicholas Humphrey - 10th place U-800
  • Austin Kulengowski - 8th place U-500
  • Jonathan Poteet - 10th place U-500
  • Aaron Renner - 5th place Unrated
  • Cameron Cannon - 9th place Unrated

 Centerfield Chess Team

Mike Amos is the team coach. 


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