Press Release:

DATE:  February 4, 2002

CE Spelling Bee Held

“Battalion. B-A-T-T-A-L-I-O-N.  Battalion.”

“That’s correct.  Congratulations, Eamonn Clark, you’re the 2002 Spelling Bee Champion at Centerfield Elementary School.”

The Centerfield Elementary School Spelling Bee was held recently before an audience of third, fourth and fifth grade students.  Several parents and grandparents were in attendance as well.  Diane Morgan, Principal, moderated the event.  Celebrity judges for the occasion were Harrie Buecker, Assistant Superintendent of Oldham County Schools, Shallen Harp, Assistant Director of Centerfield’s Cub Club, and Chris Parente, WAVE 3 News @ Sunrise Anchor.  Participants received a certificate and a ribbon for their efforts.  Eamonn Clark, a 4th grader in Mrs. Jenny Petaja’s Class, was declared the school Spelling Bee Champion and awarded a trophy.  Eamonn represent Centerfield Elementary in the district Spelling Bee competition to be held some time in February.

Eamonn Clark, center, and participants in the 2002 Centerfield Elementary School Spelling Bee


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Chris Parente, WAVE 3 @ Sunrise Anchor, checks the spelling of a
word during the 2002 Centerfield Elementary School Spelling Bee


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