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Life Skills/Keys to Success

Listening to a concert pianist, learning about music from other countries, and relating music and social studies to the life skill of responsibility. WOW, what a great life skills assembly we had in September for Responsibility.

This month we are recognizing the life skill Common Sense and learning about Perseverance from our guest artist. Karen Popp, an artist who works with chalk, will be creating a piece of art for the children as well as incorporating music into her presentation. (Ms. Popp also has a "side job" - she's Centerfield's bookkeeper!) We have such a talented group of people here at Centerfield!.

One of the most rewarding aspects ot our character education program is walking through classes and hearing students use what they have learned when working with each other. Or when you see a student's To Do List that starts with "Be Responsible!" Even better is having lunch with Early Primary students who say  I'm doing what's right when no one's in sight. I'm responsible!"

School Resource Officer -Officer Morris

If you're a parent in the car-rider line you may have seen Officer Morris out in the parking lot several mornings earlier in the year. Officer Morris is our resource officer. Traffic "detail" is just the one part of Officer Morris role here at Centerfield. In collaboration with Mrs. Keller, he has been working in classrooms teaching the children about personal safety issues. He always has a smile for the children and you can sometimes catch him sharing lunch with the students. What a great way for the children to see law enforcement personnel as someone who is there to help, is your friend, and who teaches you about safety.

Mrs. Keller also plays a big part along with Mr. Ryan, in delivering instruction regarding drugs and alcohol. As you walk through the halls you may see student advertisements encouraging others not to use drugs. Not only are they learning not to use drugs but they're doing persuasive writing too! The key to an effective drug/alcohol education program is integration with other subjects starting with our youngest students. Saying no to drugs is a habit of mind we want all of our children to have -- starting when they are 5.

During Red Ribbon Week we had an intensive focus on drug/alcohol prevention. Dont be surprised if your child gets into a conversation with you about how unhealthy smoking can be!

AP Perspective by Mr.Hunt

Where There's a Web, There's a
'Way.' (At least that's what Rose says.)

I'm extremely proud to announce that our school web site has been reworked with the help of Terri and Lambert Franklin, who have a child in Mrs. Kellie Farmer's Early Primary Class. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin have been able to add a parental perspective to the site and Have graciously agreed to help with maintaining and updating the site to keep it current and timely. There's also a student version of the Site that has a baseball diamond look. Mr. Jimmy Wathen, Early Primary Teacher, helped to develop this component to allow our student Technology Leadership program (STLP) students the opportunity to create a site that is reflective of what students at Centerfield would want and need to know about school life. Mike Amos, who has a child in Mrs. Ruble's Upper Primary Class, sponsors the STLP and will coordinate this effort.

Be sure to  bookmark this web site from our home page.

This just in...WCES News to Debut

Mrs. Monarch, Mrs. Keller, Mrs. Bednarski, Mrs. Jasper, Mrs. Maggard and I have been working over the past couple of months to develop a school newscast as a meaningful work project for students. WCES News is scheduled to debut on November 20, 2000 at 7:55 AM via closed-circuit television on Channel 7 at Centerfield Elementary. The newscast will be produced and directed by students and involve camera Operation, audio/announcing, script writing, and anchoring or reading of the news. We'll include staff members as co-anchors each week and rotate between fourth and fifth graders to produce the show. WCES News is a PTA sponsored project that will continually challenge students and staff to be and do their personal best, Lights. camera, action!. Live... from the Centerfield Media Center. . it's WCES News, a show produced by kids for kids and adults.. and even Rose!

Cat Club Begins

Our Extended School Services program has been reformed a bit to include a "club" component. Cat Club will meet each Tuesday and Thursday after school to focus on specific tasks. Club Sponsors will work with Club Members individually and in small groups to make progress in key academic areas.

Thanks to all who have returned the Effective School Survey. 250 randomly choosen parents received it.  Thanks for giving us your insights into Centerfield.

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