Centerfield News  October 2000

School Eye Exam: Questions and Answers

As part of the Governor's Early Childhood Initiative, the Kentucky General Assembly enacted HB 706 effective July 15, 2000. One section of HIB 706 requires all children entering public school for the first time to have an eye examination by an optometrist or ophthalmologist no later than January 1 of the school year.

Q. Will the screening by a pediatrician or other medical professional meet this requirement?

A. No, 1113 706 requires a vision examination by an optometrist or ophthalmologist.

Q. If a child's eyes are examined as a toddler, will that meet the requirement?

A. Any complete eye exam done any time prior to the child's entry into school will meet the requirement. The exam needs to be reported on the Kentucky Eye Examination Form for School entry. If a child has had an eye exam prior to three years of age, it is recommended, but not required to have another eye exam at five years of age to determine whether vision has changed.

Q. what about children who come from private schools and enroll in public school?

A. Because they are considered new enrollees in public school, students who come from private schools and enter public school will need the eye exam (and the physical exam) regardless.

Q. What happens to children of families who do not meet the January 1 deadline? Are there penalties for non compliance? Will these children be able to return to school?

A. It is not the intent of KB 706 to remove children from school. Like the requirements for school physical examinations, the law requiring the eye exam prescribes no penalties for parents. Local district policy should determine how parents or guardians will be given the guidance and assistance needed to get the examination.

Prepared by the Kentucky
Department of Education.

Thanks to the PTA

What  a  wonderful  fall  festival. Everyone had a great time. (Mr. Hunt and I were a a little water logged, but the children sure enjoy that dunking booth.) Events such as this can only occur with the help of many parent volunteers. Thanks for your efforts. The children really enjoyed the evening. ('did too!)

Sara Monarch

Kentucky Core Content Test

As you know 4 and 5 grade students are required to take the Kentucky Core Content Test (KCCT). The results of the 1999-2000 Kentucky Core Content Test have been announced. If you are a parent of a 5 grader, you should have received a copy of your child's 4 grade results. Results of last year's 5 graders' test have been sent on to their middle school. The middle school sends those scores home.

Mrs. Keller and I are always available to discuss your child's test scores. Please do not hesitate to call and set up an appointment if you need clarification on your child's test data.

Centerfield students did very well on the state assessment. Our accountability index for 1999/2000 was 82.5. This is excellent and well above the state average. We have been designated a "Rewards" school for this testing cycle. Way to go Centerfield students!

While our 1999/2000 score was 82.5, our combined accountability index is 79.1. This is because we are considered a "reconfigured" school because of re districting. Reconfigured schools receive the district's accountability index. This gives us our starting point for the KC CT. The goal of all Kentucky schools is to reach 100 by the year 2014. We are well on our way to meeting this goal!

If you'd like more information about the KCCT and Centerfield's results, there will be a "Principal's Night Out" on October 10. The meeting will be in the cafeteria. Time: 7:00-8:30 p.m.

We are very proud of the children and their achievement on the state assessment. This is a credit to our children, parents, and the very dedicated staff here at Centerfield.

Congratulations to all!

Sara Monarch

Criminal Records Check for Volunteers

I'd like to give a personal thank you to all the parents who have filled out the form for a criminal records check to comply with the state regulation for school volunteers. We had approximately 425 parents indicate they wanted to volunteer at Centerfield. What a show of support for your children's school. We're a great school because of you!

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