Extended School Services

ESS allows schools to schedule extra time and help for students. Held after normal school hours, ESS includes peer tutoring, small class instruction, homework support and improvement of study skills. ESS is a continuation of the regular classroom program.

Each classroom teacher at Centerfield Elementary is allowed a specific number of hours to work with individual students after school in key academic areas as well as test preparation at the 3rd-4th and 5th grade levels. Individual classroom teachers schedule sessions as needed to meet the specific needs of students

3-Point Club
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The 3-Point Club is an innovative in-school ESS program developed to provide additional time in the area of reading to 3rd grade students. An ESS Tutor works closely with the 3rd-4th grade classroom teachers to diagnose and provide remedial services in the areas of print awareness, decoding and comprehension strategies. On-going progress is reported to parents and classroom teachers.

 Cat Club

Cat Club is an after school program that is made available t students at Centerfield Elementary who need additional time to achieve educational goals. Students are referred by classroom teachers for selection by the Student Services Committee. This extended school service is provided within a club-like atmosphere each Wednesday and Thursday from 2:30-4:00 PM. Students meet in the Wildcat Café for a club meeting and snack, then transition to a Club Sponsor for individualized to small group instruction in key academic areas. 

Centerfield Wildcat Academy

Wildcat academy has been established to offer students at Centerfield Elementary additional instruction time in key academic areas during October and February Intercessions. The program is designed to offer alternative instruction strategies that will assist children in maintaining, improving or extending skills that have previously been taught. Skills is reinforced using hands-on experiences and manipulative instructional methods. Students in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade who have been referred by their classroom teacher for remediation or enrichment of particular skills are eligible for Wildcat Academy. The Student Services Committee selects students to attend the Academy based on need. Sessions are typically held from 8:00 to 11:30 AM during the intersession weeks.

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