Final Recollections

My  best experiences in life... have taught me that the truth shall set you free. The truth is true forever and a lie is a non-truth, or misconception, forever.
One night I was with a young lady. We had been to the hospital to cut her grandfather's hair. I was trying to explain why I wrote this book. I had just read an article that quoted a survey that said, "If you ask the people in the United States how many of them believe in God, 95% will raise their hands. At the same time, only 10% are considered Christians."  WHY? There would seem to be a truth that is being deliberatley ignored.
    As I gave the question some thought, the answer became clear enough. God is being ignored. People in general, it seems to me, are wrapped up in the " I " word. It is to much trouble to worship God. It is to much trouble to have commitment. It is to much trouble to have faith.
The truth is that knowing about God is not enough. Satan believes in God a lot more that you or I. The Bible said he is going to a lake of fire forever. So, it would seem to me that we, as God's creations should have faith and commitment to ensure the destination of our souls.
The young lady wanted to know where she stood in her relationship to God. So I asked her if she ever went to church - No; did she ever tell anyone else about God -No; but she said she did good works. She took care of her grandfather and her family. She was a really nice person with a wonderful personality. I agree that those were good things.
I asked her if she was a Christian -No. So I told her I thought she was headed for hell. That statement made her awfully mad. She didn't ask anymore questions so I didn't give anymore answers.
I was trying to tell her how much God loves his creation. Right after man kind sinned by wanting to be like God, he explained in Genesis 3:15  that Satan would cause God to be wounded on the heel (a very minor wound) but he would cause Satan to have a mortal wound. " and I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel."
    He chose one man, Abraham, to start a new nation. This nation would be used to bring Himself into the world as a man. Over three hundred times in the Old Testament it told everything about Himself. The complete story!  How he would come as His only begotten Son, as Emanuel, meaning "God with us" He would replace the blood sin offering  He had established with His special nation for the forgiveness of  sin in the peoples lives. He would come into the world  through a virgin birth. He would witness to the people before He would let them kill Him on a cross by giving His blood  (meaning life) for a final and complete replacement of the sin offering. He took  al the sin of the people on Himself. His Love for us was so great, he suffered beyond our understanding.
A God who loves us this much surely expects us to give our best, meaning our total being. So, to anyone reading these words , I say we all live in the same cruel world. I've tried to tell a story in the book of the good, bad and funny parts of life as I have found it to be true, without dealing with the most hideous types of sin.
    Let me close with a statement as to what I really have learned in thirty-eight years in the barber shop. To ignore God and have no commitment and no faith is the same as denying Him.  Jesus called all His followers in public. He expects no less from you and me. Jesus said He would receive anyone who asked forgiveness. All others would be cast away.
    To those who order  and read the book I give my thanks. If you enjoy  reading it, please recommend it to your friends.

With Love in our Lord Jesus Christ,

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