The Making of God's Little Barber

Welcome, we hope you enjoy these excerpts from the book: The Making of God's Little Barber and Life in the BARBER SHOP

It's the author's intent... that people should be able to enjoy stories from the past and present. Russell Carrithers was born deep in the hills of Bullitt County, Kentucky, in a time when a Model-A car was a modern vehicle just "starting" to replace the horse as the mode of travel. His birthplace was a slave cabin located on the back side of the family farm. He witnessed the birth of telephones, radios, television, electric lights, etc. He started school in a two-room schoolhouse that had eight grades, and had to walk three miles to get there. Upon graduation from Fern Creek High School, he married his high school sweetheart and immediately entered the Air Force. Upon discharge, he entered barber school in 1957. In 41 years of dealing with people, his world has changed dramatically - from the horse-and-buggy days ... to the space age and the communication explosion

The stories... selected for this book are not intended to be just funny - but represent the world in which we live. The intent is to show how one little boy was chosen by God to be his own and how that boy grew up to live by faith in a sinful world.

and Life in the BARBER SHOP

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